Love is in the air… Fall for our 2-Fer Valentine’s Day Special!

Your heart’s pounding, the wind is blasting by your face, and you’re crouched at the open door of a flying airplane knowing you’re about to have the time of your life!

Whether you’re looking for a thrill to spice up your day, an item to check off your bucket list, or a new hobby to throw yourself into, you’re in the right place! Skydive Spaceland  is one of the world’s biggest, most progressive skydiving training centers, and we top it all off with our famous hospitality–because that’s how we’ve been doing things for more than 20 years!

Why skydive at Spaceland?

  • High-capacity facility: We’ll never be too busy to fly with you!
  • State-of-the-art skydiving equipment for nearly all body shapes and sizes
  • Full-time staff available to fly almost every day
  • You can get your skydiving license in as little as a week with our industry-leading Skydiver Training Program
  • YOU participate in your skydive and deploy your own parachute–we’ll show you how!
  • Conveniently located near Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Fort Myers
  • Special event support: We can help you make your birthday, bachelorette party, wedding proposal, or what have you truly unique!
  • ¡Hablamos español!
  • We have everything any skydiver needs; we’re a training center for first-timers through many-thousand-jump veterans. At the end of the day, we’re all skydivers having fun with friends who enjoy our passion for human flight in a community like no other.

Don’t bother with online skydiving resellers that might charge more and send you hours away to jump–skydive right here in Clewiston with the best! Learn more:

What’s your first jump like? Watch this!

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