Skydive Spaceland Jump Prices

Tandem Skydiving Prices: Your First Jump!

Tandem skydiving prices

$189 (prepaid)
$209 (prepaid)
Walk-In rates
$229 weekends, $209 Mon-Fri
Second tandem jump

Only $99* (save $80!)
* See Specials page for more info

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Solo Skydiver Training Program (STP) Jump Prices

Skydiver Training Program jump

Solo Transition Class (Ground School)
(includes study materials)
STP Jumps 1-16 $199 ea + partial tax
STP Jump 17 (lower altitude) $130 + partial tax
STP Jump 18 (Graduation jump) FREE

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USPA ‘A’ License Holders and Above*

Experienced skydivers doing a head-down formation

Lift ticket up to 14,000 feet $30 ea*
Hop and pop (5,000 feet) $26 ea*
Gear rental (rig only) $30/jump plus tax
 * Prices for licensed skydivers with their own gear.

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