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Other Locations: Dallas, Texas | San Marcos, Texas | Atlanta, Ga. | Houston, Texas

Other Locations
Houston, Texas | Dallas, TexasSan Marcos, Texas | Atlanta, Ga.

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A Tandem skydive adventure allows you to experience the thrill of a lifetime!

  • Jump out of a perfectly good airplane from 14,000 feet!
  • Freefall at 120 mph!
  • Jump harnessed to an experienced instructor after a brief class
  • Pull your own ripcord for a peaceful, 5-minute parachute flight and a soft, on-target landing
  • Get a professionally edited tandem skydive video and photos to prove you did it and relive your experience of a lifetime!

Note: You must be at least 18 years of age, bring a valid photo ID, and weigh less than 265 pounds to tandem skydive. For more information about who can skydive, what to wear, and more, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.


Don’t forget to capture your tandem skydiving adventure forever with our professionally edited high-resolution (1080p) video of your jump set to your choice of music style! Let us document your skydive so you can relive your experience of a lifetime with friends and family (and prove that you actually did it)!

No matter which package you choose, you will receive your media via email–this makes sharing your video and/or photos with your friends and family via Instagram, email, Facebook, YouTube, etc., as easy as stepping out of a plane. 🙂 Please make sure the email address you share with us is correct and current! (Delivery on a Spaceland Flash/USB drive is available on request)

  • Selfie Video

    Skydive Spaceland Selfie First Skydive Special!$129 + tax

    If you just need proof, this is it! Video of your jump, parachute flight, and landing filmed by your instructor.

  • PRO Video+Photos

    $179 + tax

    Professional videographer flies with you to film your experience from gear-up to landing! Includes video and photos.

  • ULTIMATE Video+Photos

    $229 + tax

    Everything in the Selfie and Pro packages COMBINED! You get all the best angles and have the most fun!

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We are also happy to film anything else skydiving related; just ask us about rates.