And Liberty and Pin Checks for All…

As skydivers, we like to do everything right so we can skydive again… and again… and…

Lately we have been seeing a number of recent graduates, now unsupervised by instructors, neglecting their pin checks before exit. Perhaps it’s due to distraction when thinking about the upcoming jump, or perhaps you noticed an experienced jumper neglecting a pin check (shame shame!) and thought it was OK.

Either way, this isn’t a good step to skip! Pins getting pulled at the wrong time can have major consequences for our fellow jumpers and our lovely aircraft. And several things can result in a loose pin–such as a stretched closing loop, the jumper behind you bumping your rig, or leaning on the wall or bulkhead during the ride to altitude.

So please, please get a pin check in the plane before every exit, not just on the ground before boarding. If someone in your group doesn’t ask for one, offer! The life you save could be mine, or yours. :p

As always, if you have any questions about why or how to do anything regarding skydiving or our operations at Spaceland, feel free to ask any of our instructors or pilots.

Blue Skies!

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