Skydiver Training Tip: Cool Weather Gear

winter clothing for skydiving
Brian Roye as the Abominable Skydiver. :p

We may be in southern Texas, but the weather is definitely cooling down! Skydiving in wintertime brings a few challenges we don’t have in summer, namely how do we stay warm while staying safe? The heavy winter clothes you need to avoid frostbite can bite you in other ways, especially those big, bulky hoodies we love so much. Loose, floppy clothing can obstruct your handles if you jump without a jumpsuit, especially your emergency handles, and the hood could get tangled in your risers, complicating your opening and/or a cutaway.

It’s best to wear the thinnest warm clothing you can (Thinsulate is a great choice) and pick clothes that aren’t super loose. Tuck any loose clothing on your torso into a nice, snug waistband, and tuck any hoods down inside the back of the hoodie. Remember, it doesn’t matter how warm you are if you can’t pull your handles!

You may also want to consider a thin neck gaiter/Buff to keep your neck warm. Ideally, this will be one that is snug enough to not blow up over your face and/or one that has a drawstring you can use to keep it below your chin.

Lastly, let’s talk about gloves–big, bulky ski gloves can be a liability in the air because it’s tough to feel handles and toggles with them. Again, look for the thinnest warm gloves you can find. Some people love latex glove liners to block the wind, and The Spaceland Pro Shop carries gloves that are suitable for skydiving in several colors. Luckily, our nice, warm indoor packing area will minimize the time you have to spend outdoors getting cold!

If you’ll be doing your first jump with us when it’s cold, we have some of this gear available for you to use, and we will also put a jumpsuit on over your clothes that will help with the wind chill. 🙂

As always, if you have any questions about whether a particular piece or type of clothing is safe for skydiving, check with one of our instructors. Blue skies and stay warm!

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