Skydiver Training Tip: Call Ahead to Reduce Your Wait

No one likes to wait for anything—doctors, prescriptions, someone to get the right size of shoes out of the stockroom, or even the 60 seconds you’re supposed to wait before spitting out your mouthwash. While they say all good things come to those who wait, some good things can come without waiting, especially if you plan ahead.

When it comes to Skydive Spaceland’s Skydiver Training Program, we highly recommend that you call ahead to reduce your wait time for jumps. As with any customer service business, we schedule staff to meet the expected demand on any given day. If you show up without notice and we’re not too busy, that works out fine. But if you arrive unannounced and we are slammed, chances are you’ll wait a little while before an instructor becomes available.

Any notice you can give us is better than nothing. Whether you call us a week or a day ahead, or even if you’re on your way and 20 minutes out, any lead time you give us increases our chances of having an instructor here for you when or shortly after you arrive. And of course, reducing your wait means more daylight to make more jumps!

If you want to be really proactive, schedule your next jumping day before you leave the drop zone. Give us a ring at 281-369-3337 and let’s get to jumping! 🙂

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