Skydiver Training Tip: Taking the Next Step

“Congratulations, you’ve just earned your skydiving A license!”

“WooHOO! …
“…now what?”

When a skydiver graduates from our Skydiver Training Program, some hit the air flying hard and never look back. Often, however, a graduate will wonder a little bit about what to do next.

Your skydives up until this point have been tightly structured, and now you’re just being turned loose? What kind of jumps should you do? Should you jump alone? Who should you jump with if not?

The good news is that you have a LOT of choices. Skydive Spaceland is full of people who are here to help newer jumpers do fun, educational skydives. The most important thing is to not be shy! Put yourself out there, introduce yourself to experienced jumpers, ask for suggestions, and pretty soon you’ll be doing fun skydives with so many new friends you won’t be able to keep their names straight.

One great place to start is with our USPA-rated coaches, who will work with you one-on-one for only $10 plus slot. (Note: Advanced training from highly accomplished coaches in specific disciplines is also available, but will cost a little more.)  Another option is our jump organizers, who work daily with groups of skydivers of all experience levels for free (you may need to chip in for a video flyer, though).

As always, if you have any questions about a dive you’re considering or who to jump with, our instructors are more than happy to help.

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