Skydiving? Take Your Phone!

These days, most of us are almost never without our mobile phones. Some even seem to have separation anxiety if they misplace their phones for even a few minutes! 🙂 This week’s tip is good news for the phone-bonded among us, because it’s a recommendation to take your phone with you whenever you skydive.

Why, you might ask? Do I really need to get that last selfie on the plane before exit? That’s just a bonus; the main goal is to give you a way to communicate with manifest if you happen to land off the drop zone. Whether it’s a long spot or a malfunction that led to you landing away from home, we want to know you’re OK! We also want to get an idea of where you are so we can send the cavalry to pick you up quickly. Chances are that we’ll have spotted you, but it is possible that we missed your off landing.

Also, if you do happen to turn an ankle and need help getting home, we definitely want to know that as soon as possible so we can come prepared to help you.

If you’re doing tracking, angle, or wingsuit dives, you know you can cover a lot of ground and out landings are more likely. Phones are required on every jumper for these jumps in particular (see our horizontal flight guidelines for more information).

Before jumping with your phone, please program the following numbers into it:

  1. Manifest: 281-369-3337
  2. Your jump’s organizer
  3. In case of emergency number (ICE)

If you land out and you’re fine, let manifest and your jump organizer know! If you land out and you have a mild injury such as a sprained ankle, let both of us know that too. Lastly, if you’re badly injured, call 911 first and then us.

And if you REALLY want us to pick you up quickly, find your location on your phone’s map application, screenshot that, and text it to your group’s organizer and manifest. 🙂

Keep that phone in a nice, secure zippered pocket (preferably an inside one) until after you land. Traffic management and canopy safety is our #1 priority until we land safely; save the selfies for pre-jump and/or post-landing “OMG, look where I landed!” times.

I know I sure wish I’d had my phone on some of my previous off landings, and the drop zone probably wished the same at the time!

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