Skydiver Training Tip: When to Learn to Pack Your Parachute

Hello student skydiver! As you progress to ever more awe-inspiring feats of skydiving skill in our Skydiver Training Program, do you ever wonder about the magic that happens before you strap your gear on for the next jump?

I refer of course to the magic whereby the billowing parachute, hundreds of square feet of nylon, that you lay down on the packing room floor after a jump is organized and repacked into the shoebox-sized container for your next one. Someday, you’ll have the pleasure of learning to do this for yourself. It’s a requirement to achieve your basic skydiving license, and even if you plan to pay packers to do this for the rest of your life, you must learn to do it anyway. At least once. 
So when should you take the packing class? As soon as possible, but don’t skip out on good jumping weather for it. This is Houston, after all; it will rain soon enough and bad weather is a great time for a packing class. Here’s the scoop on scheduling your packing class:
  1. Pick a weekday or a weekend day when the weather is rotten. The packers are not available to teach you to pack during busy jump days.
  2. Plan for at least 3 hours for the class and expect to sweat.
  3. Contact one of our packers directly (Nigel or Brad), or Kelley at to schedule your class.
  4. The class is $50 cash if you jump your own pack job afterward; $55 if you do not and the packers must repack it when you’re done.
Don’t wait too long to take your class so you can become a fully licensed skydiver!

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  1. Thanks! i’m learning packin right now here in my country Honduras, and i hope to have learning well. i am practicing ours and ours and every i am getting better.

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