Special Dives: Low/High Pulls, Toy Dives, Pond Swooping

Low/High Pulls

  • High openings and low passes must take into account the number of airplanes flying, other skydiving activities, and canopy descent rate. We cannot always accommodate low passes or high openings.
  • We cannot guarantee that low-pass jumpers will land alone unless only one plane is flying.
  • Ensure that the aircraft is configured for your exit regardless of your exit altitude.
  • Licensed jumpers wishing to open above 5,500 feet (such as CRW or canopy flight courses) must discuss their flight plans with the drop zone manager beforehand. High-opening canopies will be assigned an airspace box where they must stay until 1,500 feet.
  • Jumpers wishing to open at full altitude must exit last. No exceptions.
  • Jumpers straying outside their airspace box will not be allowed further high openings.
  • High pullers must declare their intended pull altitude to the pilot and the entire load.

Pond Swooping

  • You must sign our pond waiver in manifest before swooping the pond.
  • Your approach and turn for your pond swoop should not encroach on aircraft operations on the runway.

Toy Dives

  • Toy dives are jumps on which you bring an unnecessary toy or piece of equipment (anything from a Barbie doll to a tube or inflatable raft) that can become separated from you.
  • No weighted spaceballs. No exceptions. The risk to people and property on the ground is too great.
  • Before taking your toy for a skydive, you must brief the pilot of the plane you’ll be jumping on what you are doing. If the aircraft is hot-turning and you can’t reach the pilot, speak with the drop zone manager or manifest, who can then communicate with the pilot.
  • If you have a heavy item, your jump run/freefall area must be over an open field in case you drop the toy (the pilot will help).
  • Have a plan for deploying your parachute safely while keeping control of the toy.
  • Take toys on skydives at your own risk.

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